Incorporating community engagement, worldwide participation, and wisdom of the crowds to reach consensus -- which teams should receive funding.

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dHack is a new type of hackathon.

dHack is a novel hackathon model that is true to the ethos of Ethereum. We use state of the art governance models and practices to put decisions in the hands of the community, making for a more sustainable and engaging model for hackathons and grant programs.



Why is this even good? Why do hackathons need decentralization?

How can I participate and vote?

How is the voting power distributed?

Can I launch a dHack of my own?

Hackathons are becoming increasingly important and valuable to companies, corporations, and communities. With growing frequency, hackers, programmers and software professionals are squeezing in time against packed evenings and weekends to push their limits, create new value, and gain notoriety amongst their peers.

Currently there are two common hackathon models. Committee centered : A judge committee who chooses winning teams based on predefined criteria. However, this is a centralized process. Judges are often biased by pre-existing relationships and have little chance to review projects in-depth equally. They are thus left to rely predominantly on a short pitch, typically ranging from 3-5 minutes, which we argue does not result in the most correct winners being selected. Business / enterprise driven :  Businesses join together through the work of hackathon....

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