A Decentralized Hackathon

If you are here, it means you’re going to participate in the #dHack
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What is dHack.io?
dHack.io is a decentralized hackathon model that will run at ETHberlin, where YOU decide who wins. The dHack will focus on funding continuity, supporting teams who want to continue working on their hackathon projects after the hackathon has ended.

Who can participate?
Attend DAOfest, DappCon, or ETHBerlinZwei to earn Reputation (Voting Power) in the dHack.

Why do this?
Hackathon judging committees are highly centralized, yet, we’re a decentralized community working on decentralized technology. What gives? We think the community should have the power to pick hackathon winners, and by extension, facilitate better curation of Ethereum’s next great projects.

When does it start?
The dHack will open to proposals at the end of ETHberlin, at approximately 4PM on Sunday, August 25th.

How does it work?
Teams that have finished the hackathon will post funding request proposals in the DAO. These Proposals will be expected to include the Devpost submission plus a future roadmap, key features, milestones, and expected use of funds.
dHack voters will pick three teams for $5,000 worth of ETH each to continue working on their hackathon projects.

A note on continuity:
We are raising more funds to feed the dHack DAO one month after the initial start, and we need your help! At this point, winning teams will be able to propose and request additional funds to continue their projects, which the voter community can once again curate.