A Decentralized Hackathon

If you are here, it means you’re going to participate in the #dHack.

Below you will find the Ether.Cards reputation redemption guide which will grant you voting power in the #dHack. if at any point you have any questions -- come chat with us on Telegram

First - Scratch your Ether.Cards to reveal the mnemonic phrase (Seed)

Step 1
Copy Destination Address

Copy the address you intend to use for voting in the #dHack
After you’ve redeemed your reputation, it’s yours alone: reputation is non-transferable.

Step 2
Extract private key

Use the Ether.cards tool at tools.ether.cards to extract the private key of your first account.
Use the link to directly redeem your reputation in the #dHack using that private key

Step 3
Redeem your Reputation

This is Alchemy's Redeem Scheme.
Paste your destination address we copied in step 1, and click redeem to get your voting power.